Established in 2011, "Made Of Fabric" is a Bangkok-based womenswear label, elaborating an aesthetics and modern forms of women whose lifestyle focuses primarily on detailed luxury and womanly delicacy through the creative lens of the founder and creative director Rassarine "Kathy" Tanachaiwattanapokin.Driven by passion of design and fashion, Thai-born fresh and talented fashion designer-slash-businesswoman

Rassarine “Kathy” Tanachaiwattanapokin takes center stage of being a creative director of an up-and-coming, well-known among forefront celebrities fashion label ‘Made Of Fabric’ and also wears another hat of being an owner of famous cosmetics and skincare brands. Rassarine received her B.A. degree from Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, majoring in Advertising, Assumption University (Thailand). Determined to further study on fashion-related fields, she decided to take M.A. degree in Fashion Communication at Istituto Marangoni (London, England), a fashion school of such world-renowned alumni as Franco Moschino, a founder of Moschino, and Alessandra Facchinetti, a former creative director and fashion designer of Gucci, Valentino, and Tod’s, to name but a few.

Rassarine has endlessly displayed her passion for all forms of art and charisma in womenswear, witnessed by the success and increasing popularity of ‘Made Of Fabric’ that has stood the test of time and won over actresses, celebrities as well as young girls’ hearts over the past few years. She always travels to many places in her leisure in pursuit of new inspirations. Cultural diversity and people are also what makes her get inspirations for her designs. Besides, craftsmanship in dressmaking, thanks to her family which runs a garment-related business, is strongly rooted in her childhood. Her mother and grandmother often taught her to gain deep understanding about quality fabrics, fastidious needlework and detailed attention to crafting perfect attires, creating passion and love in fashion design for her—just like a precious gem that is passed on from generation to generation.

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