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References in this Privacy Policy Statement to "we", "us" and "Made Of Fabric" are to Skin Revolution Co., Ltd. (Trading as Made Of Fabric). Our privacy policy statement is given below. If we make changes to this policy, we will notify you by updating this statement on our Website.


We ask for your name, telephone number, home address, email address and age for competitions, sweepstakes, or newsletter sign ups. When a purchase is made on our site, in addition to the above, we also ask for delivery address, and payment method details. We may obtain information about your usage of our Website to help us develop and improve it further through online surveys and other requests.


Your data will enable us, and our processors, to fulfil your order, to notify you about important functionality changes and for statistical or survey purposes to improve this website and our services to you. We may also send you from time to time (by email or post) information about products and services and details of promotions and special offers from Made Of Fabric. If you do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, we offer a range of ways in which you can inform us about your marketing preferences:

  • All email messages and email newsletters will contain information on how you can unsubscribe; or
  • Send an email to our customer services division on our feedback form writing "unsubscribe" in the subject heading; or

In assessing your request for goods or services, we may use your information for the purposes of the prevention and detection of fraud.


We may contract with other companies to provide certain services, including credit card processing, shipping, name and address verification, email distribution, market research, marketing and advertising services (including advertising on third party websites, social media networks and profiling) and promotions management. We provide these companies with only the information they need to perform their services and work closely with them to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected. These companies are prohibited by contract from using this information for their own marketing purposes or from sharing this information with anyone other than Made Of Fabric. Any such transfer of your personal data will be carried out in compliance with applicable laws and we will treat the information in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy Statement. However, we will not pass your information on to any other companies or other third parties for their own marketing purposes unless you have agreed for us to do so. Your IP address and other relevant information may be used in order to trace any fraudulent or criminal activity, or any activity in violation of the Terms and Conditions.


  1. Purpose of Use of Cookies
    • We use cookies to save and find information about the members’ accounts in order to provide personally customized services to the members. A cookie is a small text file of information about the basic setting of a website, sent by the website’s web server to the web browser of a user of the website, and it is stored in the hard disc of the computer used by you.
    • We can provide you with particular customized services that can be possible only by use of cookies.
    • We may use cookies to identify members and recognize them remaining in a log-in status.

  1. Installation and Operation/maintenance of Cookies and Refusal thereof
  2. You have an option to accept or refuse installation of cookies. Therefore, you can choose the options of your web browser to accept all cookies, to receive notice when cookies are installed, or to refuse all cookies.
    • How to enable/disable cookies on Internet Explorer
      • Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
      • Click the Privacy tab.
      • Under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.
  1. However, if you refuse cookies, you may not be able to access certain services provided by us that require cookies.

Rights of Users

Should you make a request for checking or correction of it by e-mail, we will take care of your request. Please note that ID, the name, resident (business) registration number and legal alien registration number may not be corrected. If, however, your name has been duly changed, or if your resident (business) registration number has been duly changed for administrative reasons, then correction of such information may be exceptionally permissible. If correction or removal is prohibited or restricted under applicable law or regulation, fulfillment of your request may be restricted. Further, if you request correction of your personal information, the relevant personal information will not be used or provided until correction has been completed, unless provision of the information is requested pursuant to any other applicable law or regulation. As for information that was already provided to a third party, the third party will be notified of the results of correction, so that the corrected information may apply as soon as the correction process is complete.

You may at any time request to stop handling of your personal information at; provided that in the following case, we may refuse to satisfy your request:

  • if particularly prescribed by any law or regulation, or if the handling is inevitable to perform obligations in compliance with applicable law or regulation;
  • if there is apprehension that life/body of any other person may be harmed or that the property and other interest of any other person may be unjustly infringed upon; or
  • if, without handling the personal information, it is impossible to perform a contract with the customer (such as a contract for provision of service), where the customer has not expressly made it clear that he/she intends to terminate the contract.)

You may at any time withdraw your consent to our collection, use, and provision of personal information (whether provided at the sign-up process or otherwise). At your request, we will take necessary measures to handle withdrawal requests without delay; provided that, if required to keep in storage your personal information pursuant to applicable law, regulation or terms and conditions, handling of your withdrawal request may be restricted. In such case, you must disclose your Member ID and personally identifiable information to verify your identity. Upon withdrawal, your use of the service may be somewhat limited or the service in part or wholly may be unavailable to you.   Responsibilities of Users You have obligations to protect your own personal information, and we are in no event responsible for any issues or problems arising out of the leak of personal information caused by your own negligence (such as, transfer, lending or loss of your ID, Password, access medium, etc., leaving a PC without logging out, and the like), inherent problems in Internet (such as, vulnerability of browsers, hacking by use of such technology or method as cannot be prevented by security measures compliant with applicable laws and regulations and as controllable despite of substantial care taken by us to prevent the same) and the like, in each case, so long as it is not attributable to Made Of Fabric.

  • You should keep your personal information up-to-date, and are solely responsible for any accidents arising out of your provision of inaccurate information.
  • If you misappropriate another’s personal information, including resident registration number, etc., when signing up for a membership or entering into a transaction to sell or purchase goods or services, you may lose your membership and be subject to criminal sanctions.
  • You are responsible to keep your ID, password etc. securely protected. You should not assign or lend any of them to a third party. You have obligations to cooperate with the Made Of Fabric's request to change your passwords regularly for security purposes pursuant to the Policy.
  • After using our services, you should log out from your account and close the web browser.

Risks Associated with the Internet

Despite our efforts to ensure third parties will not access or obtain your Personal Information through your use of the, complete confidentiality and security cannot currently be guaranteed on the Internet. Communication via the Internet is subject to interception, loss, or alteration. You acknowledge and agree that we cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the transmission of confidential information or Personal Information over the Internet and that such communications are at your own risk.

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